Breadtree Farms

A high-impact financing opportunity with a sustainable chestnut agroforestry operation in New York State.


Breadtree Farms launched in 2018 to build watershed-scale agroforestry projects, and is on-track to becoming the largest owner-operator of chestnut silvopasture in the U.S.

By planting chestnut trees using beyond organic practices on degraded farmland, the passionate and dedicated team creates climate-adaptive staple grains, rebuilds soil and sequesters carbon.

The team plans to employ their investment into purchasing new land, planting trees, and developing markets for their regenerative chestnuts.

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Experienced Founders

Noah Simon

Noah leads all business operations for Breadtree Farms. He is an experienced leader and previously co-founded the consulting firm, Fish Partners, where he delivered complex projects to Fortune 500 companies, government entities and environmental firms.

Noah grew up in the lower Connecticut River Valley, and has lived his adult life in the Hudson Valley. After studying music composition at the Oberlin Conservatory, he co-founded the consulting firm Fish Partners in 2011. Through this partnership, he spent much of the decade consulting to senior leadership of national and international organizations on issues of strategic design and communication — and designing sustainable economic development strategies for U.S. regions.

Between 2017-2019, he transitioned away from consulting work to found and co-manage a trading desk, while learning more about life on Earth and the many ways that human cultures have met human needs.

In 2020 he joined Breadtree as a managing partner. Noah is passionate about understanding — and helping to create — the needed changes for people to have a good future on this planet. Noah leads the venture side of Breadtree, including project management, communications, land research, partnerships, fundraising, investor relations, legal, procurement, and relentless evangelism.

Russell Wallack

Russell leads agricultural operations for Breadtree Farms and is an expert in agroforestry and food systems. After working in utility-scale energy efficiency, Russell made the jump to food systems work and agroforestry in 2014.

Born at the mouth of the Hudson River, and raised in the sandy uplands of the Connecticut River valley, Russell is focused on developing ecological agriculture in service to all life in this region. He believes chestnut trees — an ancient staple food across the temperate world  — play an integral role in recreating an agriculture of place; he has dedicated the past 8 years to creating a viable business centered on the growth of a regional industry for this tree crop. He has consulted internationally with multi-billion dollar food supply systems, and worked with leading regenerative agriculture organizations to impact thousands of acres.

Russell is a sought-after designer and practitioner of chestnut agroforestry systems and was recently invited to join the Northeast Chestnut Expert Advisory Group. Russell leads Breadtree’s agricultural operations, including farm design and implementation, engagements with regional collaborating agroforesters, consulting engagements with farmers, and the exploration of auxiliary enterprises.

Offer Details

$650K Private Debt Placement to finance land acquisition and planted acreage expansion for Breadtree Farms in the state of New York.

This is a unique opportunity for Farm investors to support a scalable agroforestry program with proven revenue streams and deep regenerative impact.

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Deal Structure

Use of Funds

  • Repayment of $250,000 loan for the purchase of Granville property
  • Operationalize 60 new acres of chestnut silvopasture on the Granville property
  • Create 4-5 FT positions to manage acreage and R&D across all Breadtree holdings


  • Loan is due in 2032, but Breadtree expects to pay all interest and principal due by 2031
  • Cash payouts expected to be initiated by 2027 once planted chestnuts start bearing fruit.
  • Interest will continue to accrue during this period.

Security & Collateral

  • Debt secured by Breadtree’s farmland assets, valued at $585,000 and expected to appreciate further. historically, permanent crops appreciate at 3x the rate of annual cropland.
  • If payouts are not initiated by 2030, investors have the right to mandate collateral liquidation

Investment Highlights

Best-in-Class Operator

  • Experienced operator with 8+ years in ecological agriculture with $800K already invested into the business
  • Rigorous focus on operational efficiency, cost reduction and improved agricultural outcomes
  • First commercial nut harvest scheduled for 2023

Farmland as Collateral

High Growth Market

  • Chestnut market is estimated to reach $4.1 billion by 2026, driven by increased demand in gluten-free flours
  • Opportunity to secure market share as U.S. currently imports 75% of local chestnut consumption
  • Focus on organic chestnuts allows Breadtree to access premier pricing in markets focused on superior products

Regenerative & Carbon Impact

  • Breadtree helps restore degraded farmland, produce climate-adaptive staple grains and oils and rebuild soils
  • Chestnut silvopasture can sequester 9 tons of CO2e per acre-year, and those stocks can be sustained through continuous management
  • Breadtree grows chestnuts without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or any other toxic agrichemicals

Farmland Holdings

Breadtree Farms operates in Upstate New York, owning 243 acres (Doorways and Granville properties) and leasing another 32 acres within Rensselaer and Washington Counties. These areas were selected for superior soil and climatic suitability for chestnut agroforestry, availability of undervalued farmland, and proximity to major markets.


Doorways Property
(Greenwich NY)

Total Acres: 116 acres
Total Chestnut Acres: 60 acres
Purchase Price: $300,000
Purchase Date: September 2021


Granville Property
(Granville NY)

Total Acres: 106 acres
Total Chestnut Acres: 60 acres
Purchase Price: $250,000
Purchase Date: November 2022

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